Fantasy World

The legend of Fantasy World


Fantasy World takes place on the island of Ponomia, which is home to 2 nations, each of which is tied to a different environment. Your story will begin as a lost traveller, who lost their memory after crossing countless worlds.
Alone, you will start your journey discovering the mysterious island of Ponomia, home to gods and mortals who have ascended to godhood through great, heroic feats. Aided by an unknown entity, you will also gain the ability to control the 4 perfectly balanced elements: wind, water, earth, and fire.
You will follow a guide introducing you to combat, explaining that a couple of things are threatening the peace of Ponomia: sources are talking about a mysterious dark cult that seems to be hanging around town. Resolve quests, help the inhabitants, collect materials, craft, pick a profession and enrich yourself.
Walk across endless nature maps, fight against the most terrible monsters, find your true power, wisdom, and courage, and bring back the peace in Ponomia!
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