Fantasy World

Discover NFT integration

Different types of NFTs are integrated in-game. Collect them to unlock new features!

You are able to mint your first primary NFT weapons on website (Minting page). Try your luck and mint your first edition NFTs!
Collect them and use them in-game!

There are 4 different rarities: Common, Rare, Legendary, and Godlike.

Once minted or bought, you will own the NFT item in your in-game inventory!
You can use your NFT weapons in-game, increasing your stats (strength, luck, wisdom, intelligence, agility, HP, Mana, and (only for Godlike weapons) %APR.
Strength increases your melee damages.
Luck increases the chance to inflict critical damages.
Wisdom increases the amount of experience received.
Intelligence increases your long-range damages.
Agility increases your chance of evading attacks.
HP increases your health bar and gives you more health points.
Mana increases your stamina.
%APR increases the staking yield you will receive from in-game farming.

Collect and sell NFTs in-game!

Depending on the rarity, you can resell your NFT to in-game NPCs or trade them with other players, for other resources or some $FWG. (You can negotiate on the commercial channel and/or private message)
With luck, you can loot secondary NFTs in-game by defeating monsters, conquering dungeons, or completing quests. Secondary NFTs are inferior to the primary ones but can be useful in your quest.
Furthermore, you will be able to buy and sell your items by listing them with an in-game auction house, or by using your personal shop.
Special NFTs will give your access to guild creator gem, house gem, horses, boat, and much more!
Of course, each minted/looted/bought NFT can also be sold on external NFT exchanges, such as
Learn more about NFT integration on our NFT minting page.