Fantasy World

BSC/ETH Cross-chain

Welcome to a new $FWG era

3 months after the fair launch on ETH, Fantasy World Game is now going cross-chain through its first bridge to BSC (Binance Smart-Chain)! 🚀

A new pool (BNB/FWG) will be created on PancakeSwap.
To ensure a smooth transition, Fantasy World Team is organizing a pre-sale to raise funds for the liquidity pool using DxSale as a launchpad.

Presale details

✅ Launchpad: DxSale
✅ 200m BSC tokens are created on BSC side to fill the pool.
✅ Soft cap: 300 BNB
✅ Hard cap: 500 BNB
✅ Min investment: 0,5 BNB
✅ Max investment: 3 BNB
✅ Presale price: 285K tokens per BNB (Approx. 0.00135$)
✅ Launch price: 135K tokens per BNB (0.003$)
✅ Liquidity tokens to be locked into DXSale for a month, then on Unicrypt.
✅ 500 whitelisted wallet spots only. You can find spots over the different partners onboarded to promote the launch, or on our twitter contest.
✅ 70% of funds raised to go into liquidity 30% into Marketing/dev/pools
✅ First 24h to have 25% sell tax to avoid snipers and bot arbitragers, holders reflections 5%
✅ After 24h, sell and buy tax to be lowered back to 5% and reflection to 2,5%
No added tokens for staking, IG, treasury, team and partners: Any additional FWG tokens on BSC will be used for staking and in-game bridge contracts. The total supply is to remain 1,2bn.
The community will have more of an influence: circulating supply to become approx. 400m over 1,2bn total supply. Circulating supply to be 33% instead of 20% earlier, for twice the market capitalization.
This is very bullish news for early investors. We expect the project to get more eyes after the launch, on both ETH and BSC sides! 🚀