Fantasy World
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A great and complete team of gamers, working every day to give you a fabulous game experience.

Core team

FantasioDev - CEO, co-founder, co-lead developer, gamer.

Fantasio is our CEO. He has more than 6 years of experience in gaming project management, where he managed several experienced teams within the big studios. Fantasio is clearly passionate about RPGs, multi-platform, and has spent thousands of hours in online MMORPGs. He is the right person to speak to if you want to have fun talking about gaming, or about this great project's aim to create one of the most beautiful games in the crypto metaverse world.

MK - CTO, co-founder, gamer.

MK is our Chief Technical Officer. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, he also has a lot of experience in the gaming industry and has been very passionate about crypto since 2014. Very experienced in the technical side of crypto, and with game development, he is a very important asset. His job is to make sure everything is working well and gives ideas/improvements continuously.

Izzyy Drake, Chief of Marketing (CMO), gamer.

Izzyy Drake has been hired in February as the Chief of Marketing and has been in marketing within the crypto industry for more than 5 years. Izzyy makes sure that all the funds are spent properly for the long term growth of the project. He has worked for many successful projects in the past that have reached multi-million dollar market caps with his guidance. He currently also owns a landscaping business that he started, doing door-to-door sales.

Development team

(in addition to Fantasio and MK)

Firox - Lead developer, gamer.

Firox is our lead developer and has been part of the team since the beginning of the revolution of FantasyWorld Game. Firox has 7+ years in the gaming industry, handling unity and C# as an expert. Firox upskilled his knowledge on web3 and blockchain integration r 2 years. Firox is leading the development team, in order to achieve what others can only dream about.

Raph - Developer, game designer, gamer.

Raph is in the gaming industry for more than 3 years and is perfectly managing unity, designing and working mostly on game concept. Raph has been working in the past for multiple big game companies as a consultant.

Hazzard - Game developer, gamer.

Hazzard is a talented game developer who has a passion for video games. He has 4 years of experience developing video games on Unity. Hazzard also has a passion for NFTs and is bringing the NFT integration into Fantasy World. He is working together with Yellow to make the game interact with the smart contracts.

Azari, Designer, general programmer, pro-gamer.

Is Azari a programmer or a pro-gamer? Surely both. Azari has a general background in visual concepts, character designing, modelling. He was before an illustrator for comics and an artist/writer for everything visual. He's also an amazing programmer to implement everything in-game.

YellowCryptoDev - Solidity developer.

YellowCryptodev is our expert in Solidity. He's been in the field since 2016 and defines crypto in one sentence: "Digital tokens can serve limitless roles in the Blockchain world". He is in charge of creating all the smart contracts, NFT integration, NFT staking, yield staking, web3 development and takes the lead on all subjects of blockchain.

Design team

So talented.

L3kxa - Web developer, designer, gamer.

L3kxa is a freelance web developer working since the beginning on Fantasy World Game. She is handling the front and back-end of our website. She is a full-stack dev with 4+ years of experience in freelancing.

Okkie - Game designer, gamer.

Okkie is one of the best designers in the video game industry, she participated in many projects, notably in one of the biggest online RPGs as a senior designer. Very talented, she loves to spend her days drawing and modelling.

Elliot - Graphist, gamer.

Elliot takes care of all the graphic charts, communications banners and marketing design. Elliot worked previously as a freelancer in communication agencies in New York, and, passionate about blockchain, carried this passion forward to Fantasy World.

Tagari - Graphist, designer, gamer.

Tagari is a very talented graphist, concept artist, and he has a lot of experience working on digital art projects such as comics and illustrations. Good at art that depicts atmosphere and emotions, the art he produces looks like it has a soul. He's a consultant, in charge of the artwork.

Community team

(in addition to Fantasio and Izzyy Drake)

Pepetron, CM, moderator, gamer.

Pepetron has been involved in crypto since 2017 and found he liked helping fellow crypto community members and naturally progressed to becoming a moderator. He likes to spend time with his family and for sport, he trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and aims to get his black belt one day. Any questions please let him know, he's an FWG expert.

Kaykay - Moderator, gamer.

Kofi aka J. Wick, is a crypto enthusiast with an extensive career in the financial & fintech industry spanning over a decade. In his spare time he enjoys playing football and spending quality time with his family. Don't try it in-game, he might kill your character with his godlike weapons.

KK - Moderator, gamer.

Kartik has been involved in crypto since 2019 and is very passionate about it. He likes to work out, research crypto projects, travel and go on long drives. He is always happy to help the community!