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Guilds are permanent player groups, formed by players who share similar interests in-game (PvE, PvP, Crafting, RP). Some benefits to being in a Guild include access to a Guild chat and additional in-game bonus characteristics beyond what your NFTs can deliver. You can enter and leave a guild whenever you like.
Do you want to dominate? Set up a guild with your partners (find them on discord and telegram!) and communicate together via guild chat. Respect the hierarchy, participate in guild events, and request help from your new family.

Buy an NFT guild creator (Only 30 available) on Opensea now!

Buy one of the 30 villages available on website, and become the landlord: control NPCs, defend against other clans, unlock guild skills, earn guild fees, complete exclusive guild quests, and get a higher staking yield thanks to your guildmates!
Create and name your guild village: Choose your guildmates and invite them to set camp on your land with their houses and farms.
Set and collect taxes Grow your guild by inviting people to join and set the tax rate (%APR) you want to collect from the farms. All taxes are paid in the native $FWG currency. Guild members can stake their $FWG tokens in-game via farms to earn rewards, which will be subject to guild master’s taxation.
Design your guild and your own metaverse.
By creating your guild, you will own exclusive territory for you and your guildmates, and with special commands such as typing "/guild TP" you can use the teleport functions anytime. Build, organise your territory, cultivate the land, lead your guild members and the NPCs, choose your quests, use the house chests, stake your $FWG and earn all together!

Organize epic fights

Guilds can fight each other. You can declare war on your opponents, and decide on a time for the battle to commence. Teleport all online guildmates to a new land and begin the battle. The last alive player will win the fight and earn part of the opponent's guild APR!
Having guildmates with Godlike weapons will also increase your final APR, and increases your chances of winning

How APR is calculated? (Guild base APR x nr. of guildmates)+ farms APR + godlike weapons APR = Total guild APR

Fantasio Guild base APR level 1: 1000%
30 Guildmates
5 farms added, with an average APR of 400%
12 Godlike weapons owned by guildmates, with an average APR of 80%
Total guild APR = 1000% x 30 + 5 x 400% + 12 x 80% = 32960%
(This amount can change depending on the guild level, and on the guild fights rewards)
Total personal guildmate APR: 32960%/30 = 1100%.
Guild members can deposit their FWG and stake them for 1100% APR. Guildmates can withdraw their initial investment including staking rewards at any time, and leave the guild/join another guild.
The guild owner can decide chose to apply a tax on his guild members' APR (for example 5%), meaning the final APR for guild members would be 1045% for the guildmate, whereas 55% is added to the guild owner's APR.

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Maximum guild members per guild: 50
Maximum guilds: 30
You now understand that belonging to a guild is very important to stake your $FWG and earn great rewards!