Fantasy World

Staking and Farming

Fantasy World Gold ($FWG) is the native token of Fantasy World and is used as an in-game currency. FWG can also be obtained by trading with other players in-game, killing bosses, and completing quests, or by buying on exchanges (Uniswap).
You can spend your tokens in different ways: buy and sell NFTs to in-game NPC shops, trade with other players for resources or NFTs, or buy in-game resources.


In-game, you will be able to buy and sell NFT farms (100 available), which are connected to staking smart contracts. Different farms will be available for different returns, depending on how many tokens you are willing to stake. Cumulate your farms and get passive income!
Every player will have the opportunity to stake their tokens, but with farms, you will get better rewards! (up to +200% APY)
Offline, you will also be able to stake your tokens on website through different pools and different APY rewards.

Mint or buy a Staking NFT to be able to farm in-game for better rewards

Staking will give you, and your guildmates, the opportunity to be rewarded. Play-to-earn!