Fantasy World

Game overview

What is Fantasy World

Welcome to Fantasy World, a blockchain-based Decentralized Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (DMMORPG). Fantasy World is a real-time tactical RPG under development by Fantasy World Studios, an independent gaming studio.
The game is currently available for the alpha-test and in closed beta testing. Only partners can have access to the beta demo. Play alpha-test:
Fantasy World will be primarily play-to-earn, with a free-to-play area for players to sample since it came out of the alpha stage, and upgrades coming from NFTs.
In Fantasy World, each element will interact with the others, each will enrich the whole to create a coherent world that can be accessed through the different platforms: computer, VR and mobile servers will be merged. Players dive into epic adventures with thousands of other gamers from around the world.
Armed with NFT weapons and a lot of characteristics & spells, they must carve a path through an immense, living world either through battle in guild or through politics in a quest to gain control of the factions.

Throughout your journey, you will:

Create and personalize your character, choose one of the 2 nations, and begin your adventure.
Full customization coming soon
Walk across an immense open world, where the 2 factions fight to defend their land.
Experience PvM: level up by killing monsters and completing main and secondary quests.
Loot your weapons, shoes, pants, belts, rings, armour, and helmets, or buy them from our in-game NFT marketplace or well-known out-game venues.
Level-up to increase your stats and wear your new equipment.
Use the main currency Fantasy World Gold ($FWG) as the in-game currency.
Trade with other players and NPCs. Invest in in-game farms, or in the out-game staking page, to get rewarded by harvesting.
Mint random NFTs with chests or buy and sell them in-game or on the website's NFT marketplace.