Fantasy World


March – June 2021 (Completed)

FW foundation, initial prototypes, Unreal engine development, Unity Development, open-world map creation, concept, and idea - development begins.

July – October 2021 (Completed)

World designing, Web3 integration, smart contract writing, Rapsen test network, website creation, trailers development, teamplay integration, quest writing, NFT designing, C# & Python integration

October – December 2021 (Completed)

Completed: Social media creation, token deployment on Ethereum mainnet, environment integration, PVP integration, playable demo creation available, Uniswap liquidity pool creation, marketing, first edition NFT minting & listing, Alpha-test online updates, marketing, dungeons creations, First alpha-test bug fixings.

January - March 2022

Completed: Game bug fixing, game permanently multiplayer, developers hiring, New website, Marketing, BSC Presale, BSC Launch, Special NFTs listing, New alpha release (new quests, new arena map, dungeons improvement, NFT integration in-game, ameliorated PvP, ameliorated AI, new character, Dragon event, new skills, stats integration, XP integration, guide tutorial, character customization implementation, Combos, VFX, SFX integration, Launcher amelioration, Smart-contract integration, and more), Looking for a new CMO

April - June 2022

Yield farming & staking dapp writing
Hiring a new CMO
Yield farming & staking dapp deployment
In-game bridge creation
Guild village creation integration
In-game events
In and outside crypto marketing
VR integration
Server size increase
$FWG available in-game with P2E Feature
The game beta goes live.
Early holders airdrop.

July - TBD 2022

Framework development
Web NFT Marketplace goes live
Community events
Mobile Alpha launch – Android and IOS
The game goes fully live.